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Passacaglia is an instrumental quartet specializing in ancient and world music.   The group plays a variety of music from the medieval and renaissance eras to the present, mainly from Europe but also from the Middle East and the Americas.  Their repertoire includes lute songs, madrigals, canzonas, processionals, and a variety of dance pieces from pavanes and galliards to Turkish melodies and Latin-inspired tangos and waltzes.  Passacaglia aims to transport listeners to another time and place, but also to bring ancient music forward, with fresh interpretations and an emphasis on cross-cultural connections.
Members of the group are Jan Elliott (recorder, crumhorn, cornamuse, concertina); Lisa Esperson (riqq, darbuka, tambourine, tar, and other percussion); Tom Hanna (lute, guitar, mandolin, oud); and Molly Johnston (viola da gamba, vielle).

For more information about Passacaglia, contact the group directly by telephone: 508-540-0865 or email: